Vulcan's Belt Flag
Vulcan's Belt (バルカンのベルト Barukan no beruto) is an underground nation that is filled with extreme heat due to residing so close to Cray's molten layer. This nation houses the most primal clans but also one of the most technologically advanced. This nation is created by Kaiko Rimen, Goldinator, ScarletFlames01, KRX350 and Little Cute Cookie.

The Terranova clan are the oldest clan on Cray, previously living on Cray's mainland, the Terranova fled to the underground after their members began dying out due to the cold climate. The clan is full off beasts and dragons that feed off magma and lava. The leader of the clan is Great Magma Beast, Terraend who leads the Magma Brigade, beasts of the Terranova who protect Vulcan's Belt.

The Tribal Tamers clan is a primal clan of witch doctors and shamans who utilize magic and rituals to summon fossilized beats and dragons to fight for them. The leader of this clan is Chief of Demon Ritual, Iblis who uses both magic and science to create an immortal army of skeletons.

Gem Foundation is the most recent clan to join Vulcan's Belt. Originally scientists from Great Nature, these scientists detected lifeforms beneath the earth and excavated through the earth to find these lifeforms. After further inspection, these scientists decided to remain in Vulcan's Belt and remain themselves the Gem Foundation after gaining intrigue with the nation's gems and minerals as well as their magnetic qualities. The leader is Executive Geology Professor, Geode who lead to the trek to Vulcan's Belt and has worked hard to create a peaceful relationship with the other two clans.

This nation's Zeroth Dragon is Zeroth Dragon of Molten Core, Vulcannus.

This nation is represented with the colour brown.