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Twilight Brigade
Virus Archetype
Nation Name
Kanji トワイライト・ブリガデ
Rōmaji Towairaito Burigade
English Twilight Brigade
Clan Dawn Spirit
Dusk Spirit
Races Human

The Twilight Brigade (トワイライト・ブリガデ, Towairaito Burigade) is an extinct and forsaken dominated by two clans; Dawn Spirit and Dusk Spirit. The most unique, the third and the last clan of the nation was Twilight Spirit. Twilight Spirit was the founder and the leader of the nation, consisted only a few number of members.

In Cardfight Vanguard, they possess a very unique effect. The triggers from either of the three clans can works with each others due to their special effect that mostly requires a small cost.


Twilight Brigade was founded by seven siblings who were known as Twilight Brigadiers. They were once archangels but were banished by the God after being framed by their rivals, who were threatened by their quick rising of power. They were sentenced for eternal imprisonment. Within the hundreds year they spent on the prison, they realized that all the prisoners were people who were wrongly accused just like themselves. For their own and the others sake, the siblings united all the prisoners and retaliated against the guards. Within a short time, they managed to conquer the abyssal place.

However, during that time, the planet known as Cray, was completely ruled by the God. Even though they had escaped from the prison, they had no place to hide. At one point, they decided to clarify with the God but they changed their mind after they were aware that their rivals had became the new God. With no other choice, they united the prisoners and formed the first ever nation known as Twilight Brigade. Their objective was simple; overthrown the God Forces but it was a hard task since their number was very small. The eldest brother, however, executed a smart plan as the first step for grouping more army. He scattered the clan members all around the world and slowly spread his ideal of reforming the world. Unknown to him, his first little step for reformation was a large step for revolution during the far future.

After countless centuries of struggle, the seven siblings were sacrificed during a war. It was the last war between the Twilight Brigade and God Forces. The nation and the members were crushed into pieces by the God Forces and soon disappeared from the world without a trace. However, their ideal never followed their footsteps. It spread slowly overtime and caused the formation of various nations such as the United Sanctuary. The God Forces was finally overthrown by the group of rising nations roughly after a millennium since the death of the legendary seven siblings. Although Twilight Brigade had been destroyed since a very long time ago but it was held in high regard by the other nations as the root of revolution, even during the current era.