Into the Twilight is the first extra booster set created by Troi.ramoso. 


  • Includes 35 cards (3 RRR, 5 RR, 8 R, and 19 C + 4 SP)
  • Intoduces the Exodus clan.
  • Features breakride units, Limit Break unitsm and units that fill the soul.
  • First 500 prints will contain a very rare paper called Plasma Paper,  when you have those, you may redeem it to get a very rare card named Twilight Goddess, Sun in its Special Parallel version.



Card List

Card No. Card Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
SBT01/00 Twilight Queen, Vysagia 3 Exodus RRR+SP
SBT01/00 Phantom Destroyer, Plasma 3 Exodus RRR+SP
SBT01/00 Twilight Goddess, Sun 3 Exodus RRR
SBT01/00 Saint of the Exodus, Angelion 1 Exodus RR
SBT01/00 Queen's Cupbearer 2 Exodus RR
SBT01/00 Twilight Maiden, Gazzele 2 Exodus RR
SBT01/00 Phantom Eliminator, Plasma 2 Exodus RR
SBT01/00 Twighlight Princess, Divine 2 Exodus RR+SP
SBT01/00 Phantom Bow, Plasma 1 Exodus R
SBT01/00 Twilight Princess, Illumina 0 Exodus R
SBT01/00 Twilight Arrow, Grace 1 Exodus R
SBT01/00 Twilight Blade, Shadow 2 Exodus R
SBT01/00 Phantom Hunter, Shekinah 1 Exodus R
SBT01/00 Queen of the First Heaven, Azusa 1 Exodus R
SBT01/00 Twilight Priestess, Echidna 1 Exodus R+SP
SBT01/00 Phantom Assasin, Blade 1 Exodus R
SBT01/00 Phantom Assasin, Crest 2 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Maiden of the Holy Cross, Kari 2 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Twilight Song, Psalms 1 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Twilight Knight, Assault 1 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Twilight Knight, Valor 2 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Kaiser of the Phantom Queen, Hyuu 3 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Phantom Lord, Akiba 2 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Twilight Creator, Alpha 2 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Divine Blade, Ragna 1 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Eidetic Wizard, Hal 3 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Twilight Shield, Barron 2 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Phantom Assasin, Plasma 0 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Twilight Sage, Crystal 1 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Twilight Maiden, Amy 2 Exodus C
SBT01/00 Bearer of the Holy Cross, Chaud 0 Exodus Critical C
SBT01/00 Master of the Minds 0 Exodus Draw C
SBT01/00 Phantom Servant, Iron 0 Exodus Stand C
SBT01/00 Shaman of the Exodus, Fantasia 0 Exodus Critical C
SBT01/00 Sage of the Holy Sanctuary, Ery 0 Exodus Heal C
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