"Skyborne Divos" is the 1st Slurpy's Clan Booster to be released.


  • Includes 40 cards (1 GR, 4 RRR, 7 RR, 12 R, and 16 C) + 1 SGR + 11 SP + 6 WSP cards.
  • Includes further support for the Aokigahara clan

Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity Creator
SCB01/001 Brilliant Feather Dance, Tanzen 4 Aokigahara GR+SGR+SP+WSP Slurpypoof
SCB01/002 Backstager-Shine, Extenso 4 Aokigahara RRR+SP+WSP Slurpypoof
SCB01/003 Ultimate Heart-throb Encore, Beifall 4 Aokigahara RRR+SP+WSP Slurpypoof
SCB01/004 Backstager-Echo, Triunfo 3 Aokigahara RRR+SP+WSP Slurpypoof
SCB01/005 Beloved Heart-throb, Borneo 3 Aokigahara RRR Slurpypoof
SCB01/006 Therapeutic Resonance, Flor Silvestre 4 Aokigahara RR+SP+WSP Slurpypoof
SCB01/007 Harpie Idol, Ausziehen 2 Aokigahara RR Slurpypoof
SCB01/008 Lucky Find, Centavo 2 Aokigahara RR Slurpypoof
SCB01/009 Prince Fantasy Idol, Einsam 2 Aokigahara RR Slurpypoof
SCB01/010 Fluffy Ploom, Sedoso 1 Aokigahara RR+SP+WSP Slurpypoof
SCB01/011 Backstager-Beauty, Estiloso 1 Aokigahara RR Slurpypoof
SCB01/012 Idolizing Idol, Mal Tacto 0 Aokigahara Critical RR Slurpypoof
SCB01/013 Drippling Feathers, Feucht 4 Aokigahara R Slurpypoof
SCB01/014 Backstager-Beauty, Egolatría 3 Aokigahara R Slurpypoof
SCB01/015 Honest Lyrics, Ricardo 3 Aokigahara R Slurpypoof
SCB01/016 Backstager-Echo, Afilado 2 Aokigahara R Slurpypoof
SCB01/017 Backstager-Shine, Adorador 2 Aokigahara R Slurpypoof
SCB01/018 Crowd Pleaser, Promesa Pura 2 Aokigahara R Slurpypoof
SCB01/019 Perfect Opening Act, Makellos 2 Aokigahara R Slurpypoof
SCB01/020 Happiness Interlude, Cosecha Canción 1 Aokigahara R Slurpypoof
SCB01/021 Backstager-Echo, Resbalón 1 Aokigahara R Slurpypoof
SCB01/022 Backstager-Shine, Brillo 1 Aokigahara R Slurpypoof
SCB01/023 Backstager-Craft, Avanzar 1 Aokigahara R Slurpypoof
SCB01/024 Backstager-Sleuth, Jovial 0 Aokigahara Critical R Slurpypoof
SCB01/025 Backstager-Echo, Heraldo 2 Aokigahara C Slurpypoof
SCB01/026 Backstager-Shine, Emitir 2 Aokigahara C Slurpypoof
SCB01/027 Backstager-Beauty, Motivar 1 Aokigahara C Slurpypoof
SCB01/028 Backstager-Shine, Grabar 1 Aokigahara C Slurpypoof
SCB01/029 Courageous Entrance, Sanft 1 Aokigahara C Slurpypoof
SCB01/030 Handsome Backup, Jason 1 Aokigahara C Slurpypoof
SCB01/031 Princess Fantasy Idol, Allein 1 Aokigahara C Slurpypoof
SCB01/032 Loving Haunting Harpie, Seele 1 Aokigahara C Slurpypoof
SCB01/033 Serpent Tattoo, Fukitsuna 1 Aokigahara C Slurpypoof
SCB01/034 Backstager-Echo, Comenzar 0 Aokigahara C Slurpypoof
SCB01/035 Cute Copycat, Pregunta Amistosa 0 Aokigahara C Slurpypoof
SCB01/036 Backstager-Craft, Fiel 0 Aokigahara Critical C Slurpypoof
SCB01/037 Backstager-Craft, Pródigo 0 Aokigahara Draw C Slurpypoof
SCB01/038 Backstager-Craft, Pulcro 0 Aokigahara Stand C Slurpypoof
SCB01/039 Backstager-Craft, Gracia 0 Aokigahara Heal C Slurpypoof
SCB01/040 Harpie Idol, Edward 0 Aokigahara Stand C Slurpypoof
SCB01/S07 Ultimate Heart-throb Encore, Beifall 4 Aokigahara SP Slurpypoof
SCB01/S08 Therapeutic Resonance, Flor Silvestre 4 Aokigahara SP Slurpypoof
SCB01/S09 Heart-throbbing Voice, Monte Verde 3 Aokigahara SP Slurpypoof
SCB01/S010 Handsome Genius, Versuch 1 Aokigahara SP Slurpypoof
SCB01/S011 Idolizing Idol, Mal Tacto 0 Aokigahara Critical SP Slurpypoof

Clan/Grade Breakdown

Clan Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Total
Aokigahara 0 0 0 0 0 40(+2)

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