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Appear in
Cardfight Vanguard W Episode 1 / Chapter 1
Founded 2000
Founder Yuki Akisora
Members Yuki Akisora
Jiang Wei
Team Info
Type Academy Team
Academy Supreme Royal Academy
School Rank 3
Region Rank 1
National Rank 8
Achievement Interhigh Champion (x1)
Team Details
Strategy Vary
Avatars The Golden King
Third Tiger General, Zhao Yun

Searacles is one of the hundreds teams in Supreme Royal Academy. It is founded by Yuki Akisora and joined by his best friends from the same class, Jiang Wei and Ionsviel von Eisenberg. They are ranked at third by the academy, however, due to the unique circumstance of the academy (the large academy is located on the intersection point of four regions, thus created four different region of classroom), they are ranked first in the Eastern Zone. While for the rank around the whole country, they are ranked eighth.


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