Seal Dragon, Sarcon
ふうりゅ サルコン
CTVSleeveNormal English Seal Dragon, Sarcon
Kanji ふうりゅ サルコン
Kana ふうりゅう サルコン
Romaji Fūryū Sarukon
Card Type Normal Unit
Clan Kagerō
Race Flame Dragon
Grade 1 Sk boost Boost
Power / Critical / Shield 7000 / 1 / 5000

Beware, the inevitable, inescapable calamity.


[CONT](RC/GC):If you have a vanguard with "Seal Dragon" in its card name and the number your opponent's grade 2 units is two or more, this unit gets "Intercept" and "[CONT](RC):This unit can intercept from the back row." and "Template:GBv2:This unit gets [Shield]+5000.".

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