"Players Grand Set 2018" is the 2nd Players Grand Set. This set is created by Primuure.


Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity Creator
PS02A/001 Gigaspell Revel Invoker, Euphrasiel 4 Novel Chant GR Primuure
PS02A/002 [[|]] 4 Hinomi GR Primuure
PS02A/003 Revolutionary Chief, Forerunner Loretta Lemming 4 Sewer Troublers GR Primuure
PS02A/004 Votive Apocalypse, Lam Raider 4 Guerilla Garrison GR Primuure
PS02A/005 Critical Whiteout, Snowbell Dragon 4 Glace Guard GR Primuure
PS02A/006 Grateful Garland, Avian of Larkspur 4 Breeze Torrent GR Primuure
PS02A/007 Revolutionary Leader, Forerunner Grace Major 3 Sewer Troublers RRR Primuure
PS02A/008 Pious Raider 3 Guerilla Garrison RRR Primuure
PS02A/009 Snowblade Dragon 2 Glace Guard RRR Primuure
PS02A/010 Avian of Violet 2 Breeze Torrent RRR Primuure
PS02A/011 Gigaspell Esoterica Spiritualist, Sanevas 1 Novel Chant RRR Primuure
PS02A/012 [[|]] 0 Hinomi Critical RRR Primuure
PS02A/013 [[|]] 3 Hinomi RR Primuure
PS02A/014 Avian of Iris 3 Breeze Torrent RR Primuure
PS02A/015 Gigaspell Charge Runecraft, Wilkin 2 Novel Chant RR Primuure
PS02A/016 Impartial Raider 2 Guerilla Garrison RR Primuure
PS02A/017 Revolutionary Overseer, Forerunner Jack Smith 1 Sewer Troublers RR Primuure
PS02A/018 Snowdrop Dragon 0 Glace Guard Heal RR Primuure
PS02A/019 Snowcrete Dragon 3 Glace Guard R Primuure
PS02A/020 Revolutionary Strategist, Forerunner Karen Plateau 2 Sewer Troublers R Primuure
PS02A/021 [[|]] 1 Hinomi R Primuure
PS02A/022 Ashen Raider 1 Guerilla Garrison R Primuure
PS02A/023 Gigaspell Arcana Chantmaster, Primo 0 Novel Chant R Primuure
PS02A/024 Avian of Rose 0 Breeze Torrent Draw R Primuure
PS02A/025 Gigaspell Plague Warmage, Gioele 3 Novel Chant C Primuure
PS02A/026 [[|]] 2 Hinomi C Primuure
PS02A/027 Avian of Lily 1 Breeze Torrent C Primuure
PS02A/028 Snowcrest Dragon 1 Glace Guard C Primuure
PS02A/029 Revolutionary Auxiliary, Forerunner Leon Field 0 Sewer Troublers C Primuure
PS02A/030 Roaring Raider 0 Guerilla Garrison Stand C Primuure
PS02A/SR01 [[|]] 4 Hinomi SCR Primuure
PS02A/SR02 Gigaspell Bolt Spiritualist, Droghade 3 Novel Chant SCR Primuure
PS02A/SR03 Forerunner, Sacrace 2 Sewer Troublers SCR AxlPrototype
PS02A/SR04 Snowsteel Dragon 1 Glace Guard SCR Draugnav glacier
PS02A/SR05 Scouting Raider 0 Guerilla Garrison SCR RainEStar
PS02A/SR06 Avian of Sunflower 0 Breeze Torrent Critical SCR AxlPrototype

Card No. Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity Creator
PS02B/001 [[|]] GR Primuure
PS02B/002 [[|]] GR Primuure
PS02B/003 [[|]] GR Primuure
PS02B/004 [[|]] GR Primuure
PS02B/005 [[|]] GR Primuure
PS02B/006 [[|]] GR Primuure

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