Link of Worlds Apart is the first Nega Booster set and also the 1st set created by XrosHearts. This set introduces cards that are going to be used in the Cardfight!! Vanguard: Link fanfiction by XrosHearts.


  • Includes 103 cards (2 LR, 8 RRR, 12 RR, 22 R and 60 C) + 12 SP (Parallel) cards.
  • Includes 2 Link Rare cards.
  • Introduces the Sabaku and the Demonic Possessor clans.
  • Includes support for Bermuda Triangle, Granblue, Narukami, Pale Moon, & Oracle Think Tank
  • Introduces the Link mechanic.

Card List

Code Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
NBT01/001 Judge of the Afterlife, Anubis 3 Sabaku LR
NBT01/002 Ice Prison Hell Lord, Hades 3 Granblue LR
NBT01/003 Trellis Magus 3 Oracle Think Tank RRR
NBT01/004 Holy Sun King, Ra 3 Sabaku RRR
NBT01/005 Eradicator, Red Storm General 3 Narukami RRR
NBT01/006 Heart Melody Duo, Leith 3 Bermuda Triangle RRR
NBT01/007 Gatekeeper of the Ice Prison, Thanatos 3 Granblue RRR
NBT01/008 Phantom Lord, Eclipse 3 Demonic Possessor RRR
NBT01/009 Master of the Manor 3 Demonic Possessor RRR
NBT01/010 Silver Thorn Dancer, Jules 3 Pale Moon RRR
NBT01/011 2 Oracle Think Tank RR
NBT01/012 Dune Priest, Aladdin 3 Sabaku RR
NBT01/013 Protection Mercenary, Helim 1 Sabaku RR
NBT01/014 PR♥ISM-Smile, Briton 3 Bermuda Triangle RR
NBT01/015 Judge of the Ice Prison, Hades 2 Granblue RR
NBT01/016 Ice Prison Guard, Nightlock 1 Granblue RR
NBT01/017 Ruler of the Phantom Lords, Lucifus 4 Demonic Possessor RR
NBT01/018 Phantom Knight, Leonis 3 Demonic Possessor RR
NBT01/019 Ghost Knight, Astroth 2 Demonic Possessor RR
NBT01/020 Phantom Armor 1 Demonic Possessor RR
NBT01/021 Pale Moon RR
NBT01/022 Pale Moon RR
NBT01/023 4 Oracle Think Tank R
NBT01/024 Ogee Magus 2 Oracle Think Tank R
NBT01/025 0 Oracle Think Tank R
NBT01/026 4 Sabaku R
NBT01/027 Desert Bandit, Dahr 2 Sabaku R
NBT01/028 Traveler of the Dune, Issac 0 Sabaku R
NBT01/029 4 Narukami R
NBT01/030 Narukami R
NBT01/031 Narukami R
NBT01/032 Dazzling Duo Star, Mint 4 Bermuda Triangle R
NBT01/033 PR♥ISM-Smile, Gael 2 Bermuda Triangle R
NBT01/034 Bermuda Triangle R
NBT01/035 4 Granblue R
NBT01/036 Ice Prison Warden, Phlegethon 3 Granblue R
NBT01/037 Ice Prison Blade 0 Granblue R
NBT01/038 2 Demonic Possessor R
NBT01/039 2 Demonic Possessor R
NBT01/040 0 Demonic Possessor R
NBT01/041 4 Pale Moon R
NBT01/042 Pale Moon R
NBT01/043 Pale Moon R
NBT01/044 Pale Moon R
NBT01/045 Oracle Think Tank C
NBT01/046 Oracle Think Tank C
NBT01/047 Oracle Think Tank C
NBT01/048 Oracle Think Tank C
NBT01/049 Oracle Think Tank C
NBT01/050 Oracle Think Tank C
NBT01/051 Oracle Think Tank C
NBT01/052 Oracle Think Tank C
NBT01/053 Desert Traveler 2 Sabaku C
NBT01/054 Shield Mercenary, Helim 2 Sabaku C
NBT01/055 Desert Wonderer 1 Sabaku C
NBT01/056 Dune Sorcerer, Makil 1 Sabaku C
NBT01/057 Oasis Guardian, Fatima 1 Sabaku C
NBT01/058 Dune Theif, Drahjar 0 Sabaku C
NBT01/059 Dune Blade 0 Sabaku Critical C
NBT01/060 Dune Merchant 0 Sabaku Draw C
NBT01/061 Dune Priest, Jarah 0 Sabaku Heal C
NBT01/062 Dune Dancer, Leila 0 Sabaku Stand C
NBT01/063 Narukami C
NBT01/064 Narukami C
NBT01/065 Narukami C
NBT01/066 Narukami C
NBT01/067 Narukami C
NBT01/068 Narukami C
NBT01/069 Narukami C
NBT01/070 Narukami C
NBT01/071 Bermuda Triangle C
NBT01/072 Bermuda Triangle C
NBT01/073 Bermuda Triangle C
NBT01/074 Bermuda Triangle C
NBT01/075 Bermuda Triangle C
NBT01/076 Bermuda Triangle C
NBT01/077 Bermuda Triangle C
NBT01/078 Bermuda Triangle C
NBT01/079 Granblue C
NBT01/080 Granblue C
NBT01/081 Granblue C
NBT01/082 Granblue C
NBT01/083 Granblue C
NBT01/084 Granblue C
NBT01/085 Granblue C
NBT01/086 Granblue C
NBT01/087 Demonic Possessor C
NBT01/088 Demonic Possessor C
NBT01/089 Demonic Possessor C
NBT01/090 Demonic Possessor C
NBT01/091 Demonic Possessor C
NBT01/092 Demonic Possessor C
NBT01/093 Demonic Possessor C
NBT01/094 Demonic Possessor C
NBT01/095 Demonic Possessor C
NBT01/096 Demonic Possessor C
NBT01/097 Pale Moon C
NBT01/098 Pale Moon C
NBT01/099 Pale Moon C
NBT01/100 Pale Moon C
NBT01/101 Pale Moon C
NBT01/102 Pale Moon C
NBT01/103 Pale Moon C
NBT01/104 Pale Moon C

Clan/Grade Breakdown

Clan Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Total
Oracle Think Tank 1
Sabaku 1
Narukami 1
Bermuda Triangle 1
Granblue 1
Demonic Possessor 2
Pale Moon 1

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