Promotional Cards (PR for short) are cards released outside of traditional sets such as Booster Sets. This page contains all promotional fan cards made by Axl. Most of the cards on this page have artwork which were drawn by Axl himself, and you're not allowed to edit, trace, use, nor re-publish without permission. All of the characters on these cards other than the characters that belong to Bushiroad (cards with *) are copyrighted as original characters or designed/rebooted as fan characters by Axl.

List of Axl's Promo Cards

Sweet Kiss


  • APR/0002 - Haunted Baron, Jimmy (Coming Soon)
  • APR/0003 - Dream On Jewel Knight, Tiffany* (Coming Soon)

Mascot Remake

  • APR/0004 - Blaster Bullet (Coming Soon)

Fan-art Package

  • APR/0005 - Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier* (Coming Soon)
  • APR/0006 - Pentagonal Magus* (Coming Soon)


  • APR/0007 - Morale Rider, Taqias (Coming Soon)

Axl's Fan Card Sets

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