The story takes place in Capital City, Wyoming. The main protagonist, Mason Shepard, meets Sai Yamato, the son of the manager of Fighter Central, Kotetsu. He begins to learn about the game and tap into the powers of Psyqualia and Psyresonance. His best friend from kindergarten, Abbey, moves back into town. Then, they meet Trevor, the son of the president of the Vanguard Bureau of America. They start at Regionals, then make their way to Nationals, meeting Team Aviation, then the main antagonists, GS4 (Gaia Saviors), Shiro, Charley, and Anna.

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LoCC 1

Chapter #

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Run-in With Jerry
2 Beginner's Luck
3 Mason's Golden Moment
4 Cardfights, Galore!
5 The Snob's Ambition

Round One! Fight!

King of the Jungle Gym
8 When A Fairy Lost Its Wings

Final Match! Trevor vs. Abbey

Mason's Resolve! Abbey's First Victory
11 Visit to Card Shop Awesome!
12 Naming the Team! Trevor's Past Revealed
13 A Wolf in the Rabbit's Den
14 Regionals Await!
15 Return of the Enigmatic Prophet
16 Rematch With Andrew
17 How Gaia Saviors Began
18 Hiking Trip! Meeting of the Three Tribes!
19 Battle of the Legends!
20 Twins of Opposite Elements?
21 Strange Encounter! Activate Persona Break!
22 Silver Thorns
23 Stormy Weather
24 The Admiral Sets Sail! Trevor Quits the Team?!
25 The Mobster
26 Soaring To New Heights!
27 Background Check
28 Shiro Unleashed
29 Beau-K's Redemption! A Surprise Homecoming Is In Order
30 The Great HarvardA
31 Sinking Titanic
32 Chance Encounter
33 Mason's Revelation
34 What Makes A Holtzworth?
35 Respect and Teamwork! How A Jinx Became A Champ
36 The Demon Blade, Kurogane
37 Sai's Worth! The Mobster's Intentions Revealed
38 Broken Ties
39 Final Match! Mason vs. Shiro
40 See The Truth! The National Tournament Comes To A Close