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Jiang Wei

Wei Jiang
姜 維
(Kyō I)

Appear in
Cardfight Vanguard W TBA
Birthdate June 6
Gender Male Male
Age 16
Height 181 cm
Weight 60 kg
Species Human
Blood Type A+
Skill Martial Art
Classification Cardfighter
Team Myths (Regular Team)
Searacles (Academy Team)
Occupation Student
Country Roran
China (Born)
Family Name Jiang
Academy Details
Academy Supreme Royal Academy (East)
Sport/Club/Society Basketball
Martial Art Club
Historical Society
Cardfighter Details
Deck Three Kingdom: Shu
Avatar Third Tiger General, Zhao Yun
World Rank 104
Cardfighter Level ★★★★★★★ (Diamond)
Academy Record Regional Champion (x4)
Interhigh Champion (x1)
Do you know who is the successor of the master Zhuge Liang?

—Wei Jiang

Wei Jiang (姜 維, Jiang Wei, Kyō I) is a Seven Star, Diamond Ranked Cardfighter born in China and moved to Western Region of Roran when he was still an infant. He is one of the top student of Supreme Royal Academy who excels in both academic and dueling.


Wei has a moderately muscular body build and very tall height as an Asian and a growing teenager, standing at approximately 5 feet 11 inches. He has a short spiky black hair and a long ponytail attached on his back. His forehead is totally covered by his frontal hair. He possesses a pair of charismatic black eyes and a quite handsome face that is able to attract most of the girls in his academy. His casual attire consists of various form of shirt and trousers, normally in green color. Green color is a color that depicting the affiliation with Shu Han kingdom, his favorite kingdom of China in Three Kingdom era.


Wei is a very friendly and hot-blooded cardfighter. He once claimed that dueling was boring if one has no friend. This has become the main reason for his harmonious practice. Due to his over friendly nature, he has become very popular and charismatic in his own international school, Supreme Royal Academy. It is notable that it was because of his kind nature, he managed to attract the attention of Yuki Akisora during childhood and became one of his best friend.

Despite his happy-go-lucky trait, he is surprisingly a very intelligent boy. He is a keen learner, especially on history of ancient China. Even though he is studying in the world renowned academy, he is able to clinch the top 10 spot for the best academic student. About his history subject, he is constantly staying in the top 3 within the academy. Deep beneath the bottomless history of China, his favorite point is Three Kingdom and his idol is Zhao Yun, which also happens to be his avatar and ace card in Cardfight Vanguard.


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  • According to the BY Databook:
    • Wei's favorite hobby is studying China history and story telling.
    • Wei's favorite dish is Mantou.