Herald of the Storms, Triton
Name Herald of the Storms, Triton
Card Type Normal Unit
Grade / Skill Grade 3
Power 10000
Critical Critical icon1
Clan Mourning Tide
Race Tear Dragon
Trigger Effect None
Format Premium Standard / G Standard
Card Flavor(s)
'Be warned. You brought this upon yourselves. Come forth, Storm of Tears!'
Card Effect(s)
Auto [V/R]: During your turn, when you discard a Grade 3 <Mourning Tide> from your hand, this Unit gains 3000 Power until end of turn.

Auto [V]: [Discard 1 'Herald of the Storms, Triton'] When this Unit's attack hits, you may pay the cost. If paid, select up to 2 Grade 3 <Mourning Tide> with the same name in your Drop Zone and add them to your hand.