This help page will instruct you on how to create a Card Page.

After you're done reading through the guidelines, you may consider creating a card of your own. Simply input your card name in the box below.


Card Pages normally consist of one thing and one thing only, being the: Template:CardTable. To see how to use the CardTable template you can see Help:CardTable Template for more information.

Other things that may be included would be credits, and other version names. For example, "This article is about the Break Ride version. For the original card, see Dragonic Overlord." appears on the main wikia's Dragonic Overlord (Break Ride) page. You can do the same thing here. Other inclusions, may be like the Royal Flush units that list the creator of Royal Flush.


The card pages will normally categorize themselves. However, other categories that are not automatically are the Sub-Clan Categories. So, if your card happens to belong to a Sub-Clan you must add the Sub-Clan's Category onto it.

You may also want to attach your Username onto the card, as it helps to sort through which pages are yours, and which ones are not.

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