"Divine Guardians of Faith" is the first G Special Booster.


  • Includes further support for the Genesis clan.
  • Introduces Genesis' new Keyword: Divinity
  • Includes ? new cards (? RRR, ? RR, ? R, ?C)
Card No. Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity Creator
GSE-000 Saint Deity of Eternal Serenity, Nirfrit 4 Genesis GR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-001 Retribution Saint Deity, Qia-Masari 4 Genesis GR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-002 Transcendent Guardian Saint Deity, Nirfrit 4 Genesis RRR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-003 Saint of Divine Grace, Nirfrit 3 Genesis RRR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-004 Saint of Serene Will, Nirfrit 3 Genesis RRR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-005 Relic Ward Saint Deity, Nirfrit 4 Genesis RRR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-006 Divine Saint, Purgilis 1 Genesis RRR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-007 Battle Saint, Salphra 2 Genesis RR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-008 Divine Saint, Ohnuwa 2 Genesis RR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-009 Battle Saint, Kealris 2 Genesis RR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-010 Union Saint Deity, Tia-kisama 4 Genesis RR/SP NeoStar-Vader
GSE-011 Sword Saint Deity, Aku-rusama 4 Genesis RR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-012 Divine Saint, Asara 1 Genesis RR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-013 Battle Saint, Ulen 0 Genesis Critical RR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-014 Divine Saint, Harasv 1 Genesis RR NeoStar-Vader
GSE-015 Shield Saint Deity, Ria-kurama 4 Genesis R NeoStar-Vader
GSE-016 Divine Saint, Linpei 2 Genesis R NeoStar-Vader
GSE-017 Divine Saint, Tiakora 1 Genesis R NeoStar-Vader
GSE-018 Divine Saint, Lorenh 1 Genesis R NeoStar-Vader
GSE-019 Ascending Saint, Quintura 0 Genesis R NeoStar-Vader
GSE-020 Battle Saint, Horu 0 Genesis Critical R NeoStar-Vader
GSE-021 Battle Saint, Nirfra 1 Genesis R NeoStar-Vader
GSE-022 Divine Saint, Prara 1 Genesis R NeoStar-Vader
GBE-023 Divine Saint, Kamura 3 Genesis C NeoStar-Vader
GSE-024 Battle Saint, Nafreya 3 Genesis C NeoStar-Vader
GSE-025 War Saint, Hilgrasia 3 Genesis C NeoStar-Vader
GSE-026 Battle Saint, Ishta 2 Genesis C NeoStar-Vader
GSE-027 War Saint, Israsa 2 Genesis C NeoStar-Vader
GSE-028 Divine Saint, Ralava 1 Genesis C NeoStar-Vader
GSE-029 Divine Saint, Basra 1 Genesis C NeoStar-Vader
GSE-030 Battle Saint, Elenwa 1 Genesis C NeoStar-Vader
GSE-031 Battle Saint, Inigra 1 Genesis C NeoStar-Vader
GSE-032 Battle Saint, Ulyn 1 Genesis C NeoStar-Vader
GSE-033 War Saint, Peregra 1 Genesis C NeoStar-Vader
GSE-034 War Saint, Melvaq 1 Genesis C NeoStar-Vader
GSE-035 War Saint, Perciqa 0 Genesis C NeoStar-Vader
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