"Humanoid Ascension" is the 1st G Race Booster to be released.


Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity Creator
G-RB01/001 Null Elemental, Species Alternator 4 Cray Elemental GR+SP Slurpypoof
G-RB01/002 Savior of the Human Soul, Lohengrin 3 Royal Paladin RRR+SP Slurpypoof
G-RB01/003 Stealth Rogue Cleanup Perfectionist, Kasharakan 3 Nubatama RRR+SP Slurpypoof
G-RB01/004 Brilliant Voice Melody Tamer, Farah 3 Pale Moon RRR+SP Slurpypoof
G-RB01/005 Marine Commander of the Mermaid Troops, Aldee 3 Aqua Force RRR+SP Slurpypoof
G-RB01/006 Rebirthed Venus Trap Maiden 3 Neo Nectar RRR+SP Slurpypoof
G-RB01/007 Laughing Hero, Mr. Invincible 3 Nova Grappler RRR+SP Slurpypoof
G-RB01/008 Soul-Guiding Mage, Daphne 4 Royal Paladin RR+SP Slurpypoof
G-RB01/009 Flash Shield, Iseult 1 Royal Paladin RR Bushiroad
G-RB01/010 Rikudo Stealth Rogue, Nurarihyon 4 Nubatama RR+SP Slurpypoof
G-RB01/011 Stealth Rogue of Veils, Kurenai 1 Nubatama RR Bushiroad
G-RB01/012 Day and Night Melody Tamer, Martha Lou 4 Pale Moon RR+SP Slurpypoof
G-RB01/013 Sunset Melody Tamer, Antay 1 Pale Moon RR Slurpypoof
G-RB01/014 Spinner of the Heavenly Silk, Riley 4 Aqua Force RR+SP Slurpypoof
G-RB01/015 Battle Siren, Phaidra 1 Aqua Force RR Bushiroad
G-RB01/016 Ultimate Uber Umazing Ustounding Ugli 4 Neo Nectar RR+SP Slurpypoof
G-RB01/017 Maiden of Blossom Rain 1 Neo Nectar RR Bushiroad
G-RB01/018 Alien Lord, Galaxy STF 4 Nova Grappler RR+SP Slurpypoof
G-RB01/019 Lady Cyclone 1 Nova Grappler RR Bushiroad
G-RB01/020 Leader of the Soul Knights, Lohengrin 3 Royal Paladin R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/021 Wimpy Witch, Megan 2 Royal Paladin R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/022 Signaling Hope, Jade 1 Royal Paladin R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/023 Corpse Robbing Stealth Rogue, Kasha 3 Nubatama R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/024 Stealth Rogue of Night Fog, Agitomaru 2 Nubatama R Bushiroad
G-RB01/025 Stealth Rogue of Gross Consumption, Akaname 1 Nubatama R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/026 Starlight Melody Tamer, Farah 3 Pale Moon R Bushiroad
G-RB01/027 Midday Bunny 2 Pale Moon R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/028 Acrobatic Bunny 1 Pale Moon R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/029 Siren Commander, Aldee 3 Aqua Force R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/030 Mermaid Elite, Rhea 2 Aqua Force R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/031 Mermaid Elite, Zola 1 Aqua Force R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/032 Maiden of Trailing Rose 3 Neo Nectar R Bushiroad
G-RB01/033 Melon Priestess 2 Neo Nectar R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/034 Sweet Mistress, Blueberry 1 Neo Nectar R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/035 Mr. Invincible 3 Nova Grappler R Bushiroad
G-RB01/036 King of the Ring 2 Nova Grappler R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/037 Dancing Martian 1 Nova Grappler R Slurpypoof
G-RB01/038 Selfish Cleric, Taylor 2 Royal Paladin C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/039 Knight of Assistance, Brandon 2 Royal Paladin C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/040 Soulful Knight 1 Royal Paladin C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/041 Shining Knight, Milius 0 Royal Paladin C Bushiroad
G-RB01/042 Motherly Stealth Rogue, Mu-onna 2 Nubatama C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/043 Stealth Fiend, Ittan-momen 2 Nubatama C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/044 Drizzling Stealth Rogue, Ameonna 1 Nubatama C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/045 Stealth Rogue of Strong Jaw, Onihime 0 Nubatama C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/046 Sunlight Melody Tamer, Margaux 2 Pale Moon C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/047 Helpfulness Collector 2 Pale Moon C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/048 Friendliness Collector 1 Pale Moon C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/049 Happiness Collector 0 Pale Moon C Bushiroad
G-RB01/050 Mermaid Tactician, Annika 2 Aqua Force C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/051 Battle Siren, Maia 2 Aqua Force C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/052 Battle Siren, Orthia 1 Aqua Force C Bushiroad
G-RB01/053 Battle Siren, Tina 0 Aqua Force C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/054 Gardener Maiden 2 Neo Nectar C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/055 Sage of Saffron 2 Neo Nectar C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/056 Bery Brave Boysenberry 1 Neo Nectar C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/057 Kant Katch Kumquat 0 Neo Nectar C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/058 Clay-doll Crafter 2 Nova Grappler C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/059 8-Armed Wrestler 2 Nova Grappler C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/060 Ring Girl, Tentarina 1 Nova Grappler C Slurpypoof
G-RB01/061 Cheering Child 0 Nova Grappler C Slurpypoof

Clan/Grade Breakdown

Clan Grade 0 Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4 Total
Royal Paladin 1 3 3 2 1 10
Nubatama 1 3 3 2 1 10
Pale Moon 1 3 3 2 1 10
Aqua Force 1 3 3 2 1 10
Neo Nectar 1 3 3 2 1 10
Nova Grappler 1 3 3 2 1 10
Cray Elemental 0 0 0 0 1 1


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