Enhanced Light is the 1st G Crash Booster released in English and Japanese formats. Cards used in Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Life Rush are included in the set.


  • Includes 99 cards; 3 GR, 5 RRR, 9 RR, 30 R, 52 C. Includes X reprints.
  • Includes the Royal Paladin, Narukami, Pale Moon and Cray Elementals clans.
  • Introduces the 'Tears of Sorrow' and 'Spiral Core ' clans.
  • Introduces the keywords 'Fear' and 'Melt'

Card List

Code Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
GCrB01/001 Wounded Pride, Unjust Knight Ravenark 4 Tears of Sorrow GR
GCrB01/002 Conquering Supreme Dragon, Voltburn Shot 4 Narukami GR
GCrB01/003 Free Flow Lancer, Blaze Helm Dragolos 4 Spiral Core GR
GCRB01/004 Humpback Knight of the Dunes, Latmis 3 Royal Paladin RRR+SP
GCrB01/005 Descending Seraph, Snowvale 3 Tears of Sorrow RRR+SP
GCrB01/006 Surging Arrow, Twist Fang Dragon 2 Narukami RRR+SP
GCrB01/007 Infinite Reaction, Dracolite 3 Spiral Core RRR+SP
GCrB01/008 Jester Demonic Beast, Laugh Horn Riger 4 Pale Moon RRR+SP
GCrB01/009 Dune Cannon, Marktras 2 Royal Paladin RR+SP
GCrB01/010 Dune Shield, Mish-Mash 1 Royal Paladin RR
GCrB01/011 Sparkling Snowfall, Fervarus 2 Tears of Sorrow RR+SP
GCrB01/012 Cold Tower of the Frozen Breath 1 Tears of Sorrow RR
GCrB01/013 Glorious Voltage, Rampant Vanquisher 3 Narukami RR+SP
GCrB01/14 Twin Lance Dragon, Groundorus 2 Spiral Core RR
GCrB01/15 Eruption Shield, Magnition 1 Spiral Core RR
GCrB01/16 Jester Magician, SMILE 3 Pale Moon RR+SP
GCrB01/17 Control Elemental, Psytune 4 Cray Elemental RR+SP
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