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The Caribbean Raiders' original logo

This is originally a champion France Team but due to the injury of a member, this team is current on hiatus.


The creator of this team is Daniel, a hot-blooded cardfighter who managed to become the rival of Anna Fleur, the feared "Black Rose". The process of making this team is unknown but what is known is that Daniel managed to defeated Anna Fleur, who is then the feared & evil "Black Rose". The realtionship of the two continued until they have become best friends, resulting Anna's resignment from her reign of terror.


Main Members


The founder of the team. He is described as a hot-blooded cardfighter who does zero thinking & depended on his instincts. Currently in coma, but recovered in the near-end of the Cardfight!! Vanguard Royale Grand Prix, where he cheered on Anna & Lisa, moving the two girls to tears (although still wheelchair-bound). His deck is unknown since he is shown fighting off-screen.

Anna Fleur

Formerly the feared & evil "Black Rose". She wields a Dead-Soul Granblue Deck. She is considered the strongest of the team but seems neglected the fact.


A kind, gentle, clumsy, sensitive & be-spectacled girl. She is seen correcting Anna's silly mistakes like her naivety towards attraction from men & her lack of tastes. She wields a Granblue Deck but didn't seen using it. She is considered the weakest of the team but that is just after the team was formed.

Carribean Handsome

This is another version of the team. It is a mix of the original Team Caribbean Raiders with Team Handsome of Japan. It participates in the Cardfight!! Vanguard Royale Grand Prix. It represents one of the International Teams since it a multi-nation team. Like all teams, this team aims for the top of the tournament. But secretly, Anna wishes that this team could bring her to the top where believes to be a way to resurrect a comatose Daniel.

Main Members

  • Anna Fleur
  • Lisa
  • Gouki Daimonji
  • Nagisa Daimonji
  • Kaoru Komatsubara
  • Hiroshi Nakatsugawa