"Eternal Fiends of the Night" is the first Alter-Clan Booster released.


  • Includes 45 cards (2 GR, 4 RRR, 6 RR, 14 R and 19 C) + 10 SP (Parallel) cards.
  • Includes further support for the Murakumo clan and intoduces the "Ambush" keyword.
  • There are 7 reprints in this set.
  • The SP cards area featured in "Bakumatsu" theme.
  • Includes support to Yasuie, Shirayuki and Magastsu


Card List

Card No. Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity Creator
ACBT/001 Drahma Deity of Seventh Sin, Yasuie Tengai 4 Murakumo GR Jesteban360
ACBT/002 Mysterious Snow Flower, Shirayuki Murakumo GR+SP Jesteban360
ACBT/003 [[|]] Murakumo RRR Jesteban360
ACBT/004 [[|]] 0 Murakumo Critical RR+SP Jesteban360
ACBT/005 [[|]] 2 Murakumo C Jesteban360
ACBT/006 [[|]] 0 Murakumo Jesteban360
ACBT/007 [[|]] 0 Murakumo Stand Jesteban360
ACBT/008 [[|]] 0 Murakumo Jesteban360
ACBT/009 [[{{{2}}}|{{{2}}}]] [[User:{{{7}}}|{{{7}}}]]
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