"The Magician, Tomoko Sonokawa" Is the first Ω Legend deck, and was made in place of Pale Moon's additions in Ω-BT02.


  • A constructed deck of 54 cards, 15 of them being in RRR.
  • Includes a Reprint of Purple Trapezist.
  • Features cards used by Tomoko Sonokawa In Vanguard Ω.
  • Includes further support for Pale Moon.
  • Introduces the "Magician" Subclan.
  • Includes 60 Tomoko Sonokawa Sleeves (I WILL make these.)

Card List

Code Amount Name Grade Clan Trigger
Ω-LD01/001 4 Pale Magician, Reinoire 4 Pale Moon
Ω-LD01/002 4 Pale Magician, Ciel 3 Pale Moon
Ω-LD01/003 4 Beast Tamer, Myrtille 3 Pale Moon
Ω-LD01/004 4 Pale Magician, Midnight 2 Pale Moon
Ω-LD01/005 4 Pale Magician, Grey 2 Pale Moon
Ω-LD01/006 3 Pale Magician, Noir 2 Pale Moon
Ω-LD01/007 4 Pale Assistant, Blanc 1 Pale Moon
Ω-LD01/008 4 Pale Magician, Gray 1 Pale Moon
Ω-LD01/009 4 Pale Magician, Glace 1 Pale Moon
Ω-LD01/010 2 Purple Trapezist 1 Pale Moon
Ω-LD01/011 1 Pale Moon Lobbyist 0 Pale Moon
Ω-LD01/012 4 Pale Magician, Spade 0 Pale Moon Critical
Ω-LD01/013 4 Pale Musician 0 Pale Moon Stand
Ω-LD01/014 4 Pale Magician, Orange 0 Pale Moon Draw
Ω-LD01/015 4 Pale Magician, Nuit 0 Pale Moon Heal