Includes 40 cards (1 GR, 4 RRR, 8 RR, 10 R and 27 C)

Introduces the new Race Tsukumogami

Features cards used by Homura Chitose and Kagura Akemi from Vanguard Ω.

Includes further support for Murakumo.

Two booster boxes out of six contain one of two promo cards for Ω Booster Set 1: Harbinger of Despair

Card List

Code Name Grade Clan Trigger Rarity
Ω-EB01/001 Ambush Stealth Dragon,YamamotoOrochi 4 Murakumo GR
Ω-EB01/002 Covert Demonic Dragon, Ambush Homura 3 Murakumo RRR
Ω-EB01/003 Lunatic Smith Stealth Rogue, Muramasa 4 Murakumo RRR
Ω-EB01/004 Moon Princess, Kaguya-Hime 3 Murakumo RRR
Ω-EB01/005 Moon Princess, Yorihime 4 Murakumo RRR
Ω-EB01/006 Moon Princess, Toyohime 4 Murakumo RR
Ω-EB01/007 Covert Demonic Warden, Mandala lord 3 Murakumo RR
Ω-EB01/008 Stealth Fiend, Raiko 3 Murakumo RR
Ω-EB01/009 Stealth Beast, Raid Fox 2 Murakumo RR
Ω-EB01/010 Five Tasks, Hōrai's Jeweled Branch 2 Murakumo RR
Ω-EB01/011 Stealth Beast, Danuki 1 Murakumo RR
Ω-EB01/012 1 Murakumo RR
Ω-EB01/013 Stealth Fiend, Kusanagi 0 Murakumo Critical RR
Ω-EB01/014 Covert Demonic Dragon, Mandala lord 3 Murakumo R
Ω-EB01/015 2 Murakumo R
Ω-EB01/016 2 Murakumo R
Ω-EB01/017 Five Tasks, Dragon's Multicolor Jewel 2 Murakumo R
Ω-EB01/018 Stealth Beast, Inugami 2 Murakumo R
Ω-EB01/019 Stealth Fiend, Rokuro 1 Murakumo R
Ω-EB01/020 Five Tasks, Fire Rat's Robe 1 Murakumo R
Ω-EB01/021 Five Tasks, Swallow's Cowrie Shell 1 Murakumo R
Ω-EB01/022 0 Murakumo R
Ω-EB01/023 Five Tasks, Buddha's Begging bowl 0 Murakumo Stand R
Ω-EB01/024 3 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/025 3 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/026 Stealth Fiend, Burubura 2 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/027 2 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/028 2 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/029 2 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/030 2 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/031 2 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/032 1 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/033 Stealth Fiend, Karakasa 1 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/034 Stealth Fiend, Kameosa 1 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/035 1 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/036 1 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/037 1 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/038 Bamboo Cutter, Taketori 0 Murakumo C
Ω-EB01/039 0 Murakumo Draw C
Ω-EB01/040 0 Murakumo Heal C
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